Meet The President & Founder

paula sadler 953 e sahara president and founder

Paula Sadler

Paula Sadler a long time resident of Las Vegas since 1992. A performing arts major in Los Angeles with 7 years formal choir training, musical theatre, dance. With a background in Management, retail sales, startups,  & grand openings. She first started visiting the Center when she was just a teenager during a high school trip with Green Valley Choir under the direction of Kimberly Barclay-Ritzer making a stop at the Violin Outlet -Mara Lieberman and then onto record city on E. Sahara. Little did she know what was to come in the years to follow...



In 1995 Paula returned to Commercial Center to attend Rollers Institute of Beauty and commence her education as a Cosmetologist, and during her training switched over to manicuring now called "nail technician". It took her nearly 5 years to complete a 500 hour course. They told her they were so proud when she finished in 1999 and was there longest student. Sad to see her go, and she would do services on the elderly that no one else would or wanted to do, and clean and organize the dispensary and made sure the service areas were spotless. They told her they never had a student like her before. During these years she enjoyed lunches at Komol Thai Restaurant when she was only 19, and going to the Psychic Eye Bookshop their largest valley location, now where Palacio Del Sol is. 



She later found herself being hired to sing Live at The Las Vegas Lounge in 2002 and work as the Show Director managing the weekend acts and a small budget for 13 entertainers. She managed to bring sales up and pack the house on the weekends. Utilizing her singing skills from Los Angeles. Then in 2002 she started her nail salon enterprise and Later in 2004 opened up her location in Commercial Center. After  two years in business she was upset with the overall public image of the plaza, all the talk of the glamour of yesteryear, now all anyone said was isn't that where the green door is? And people would say is it safe there? So she started a business association and effort to re-brand the whole plaza with a new website, clean up project and social media. It was a big success until the developers looking to buy the plaza with the help of The Clark County redevelopment agency who was pushing for eminent domain. Sadler saw they were only going give 85% to businesses to relocate and try to buy the property for pennies on the dollar. And worked to inform the media and the community of their plans. The redevelopment ultimately closed in 2009. Commercial Center was safe. 

The Legacy of Commercial Center



The Recession years. This was a difficult time for the Center. During the Earlier years with Sadler's Efforts business was soaring nearly 75-80% occupancy. During the recession the Center lost nearly 100 of its 200 businesses. The re-branding efforts helped, without the business association most likely the Center would have been bulldozed or closed down and become a real blight to the neighborhood as all large projects lost funding at that time. and the proposal was to build highrise towers and tear everything down from joe brown to maryland pkwy and create a community like The District at Green Valley Ranch. Paula was actually sued by the Greenspun Media group for using the name The District At Commerical Center, they said it was a conflict of interest. But in the end they dropped the trademark suit and Sadler Re-branded the Center into its Current Incarnation The Commercial Center District. The Center made it through the recession with a few bumps and bruises but still celebrated its 50 years anniversary in 2013! 



Since the ending of the recession the Center is on the rise again, They have seen about 30 new businesses open with a 10% success rate. As You can see at least for Paula Sadler the Center holds a special place in her heart. For nearly 25 years she has been a customer, a student , and employee, a business owner, and president of the business association. The Commercial Center even helped save her life at 26, She entered a 12 step program of recovery held at The Commercial Center and has maintained her sobriety for 15 years. The Commercial Center is special to many in Las Vegas and goes back generations for many families with fond memories and now for our neighborhood today it serves as a cultural Mecca of diversity. With all the Hub-Bub about adult businesses at the Center, Sadler says Jokingly You can "sin and get saved in the same day" Aftr all this is Las Vegas, go to anjy number of over 10 churches, have your nails done, go to dinner, go out for drinks, and then get married and have your wedding at one of our banquet halls and buy your diamond ring at John fish Jewelers,and if you've overdone it you can even go to GA, or NA, or AA at The Orleans Square. You really can do it all at "Commercial Center"


Message from The President-Paula Josephine Sadler

Hello loyal family, friends, clients, and neighbors. Thank You for taking time to stop by and enjoy our Free Public Art Exhibit, and patronize our local family owned businesses. For sure you will find your favorite hangout to eat and be merry! I love our Historic Commercial Center District. .Being from Los Angeles I am used to older places like ours and there is nothing wrong with being older, we may seem outdated compared to the new fancy plazas and grand hotels, but we have an important place in Las Vegas. Its important to have places like ours where the small business owner can thrive without Big Corporations putting the squeeze on us or trying to make us conform. We are dreamers, believers, creators! And we thank you for your support to our go fundme campaign all donations support the ongoing community cleanup and healing art project. I started this project in 2006 because I was tired of people saying this was a ghetto, because it didnt look like summerlin or green valley, it was a slap in the face to our history and legacy and to business owners such as myself and John Fish, Violin Outlet. Cue Club, Komol, Lotos Of Siam, Jin Mee BBQ, Towm Pump-now XO Liqour, and to our business now like Sahara Event Center, Italian Oasis Pizzeria, Las Vegas Uniforms and tactical, Affordable Dental, 3 wizards tattoo, Las Vegas Lounge, Abbot Trophies. Once again thank you for your support and see you at 953 E Sahara Ave The Historic Commercial Center District Las Vegas!