The Best Free Parking off The Strip, near The Strip Las Vegas Nevada

There is so much to see here and so much to do here. We hope you enjoy your visit to Las Vegas, and one of our nearly 150 shops and restaurants. 

Parking is always free over 18 acres and 1000 plus space parking. Take a walk down memory lane and see whats new in the Artwalk sidewalk murals starting at Building A, D, F, E, and E. 

Monthly sidewalk chalkart Fest at Bldg Italian Oasis Pizzeria. We leave it up for all to see untill the next month. Our Free Parking is provided by Commercial Center and donations ensure our ongoing Artwalk Legacy. 

Thank you for your generous Donations.

Proceeds of all sales for books, dvds, music albums all support the Historic Neighborhood preservation, local artists and musicians through commnuity grants.

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