Join us November 11th @ 11am for The First Sidewalk Mural Installations and Chalk Art Competition

Thank You to The Following Artists for Donating Their Heart!

Thank You and Blessings to these Fine Artists

The Commercial Center Family of Businesses Thanks you for collaborating with this important community project. We Say Emphatically with Sincere Gratitude, Thank you for Donating your Beautiful "H-Art" (Heart) to our Historic Neighborhood Preservation Effort. We want Las Vegas and the World to know you have made a difference, you have helped to heal a neighborhood. You have given a "P-"Art" (part) of yourself. Blessings to you and The Art you are bringing into this world that has never been seen before. We are forever indebted to you. Namaste-As we walk in light together as One Family-Sincerely, Paula Sadler-Founder

Coming Soon! Meet The Artists-Contact us now To Particiapate

Lexi Stalcup


 Hi, my name is Lexi Stalcup, and I am a self-taught artist. I've always had a creative mind and have loved anything to do with art since I was little. Once I reached high school, I decided to take it on as a career. Making art has always been extremely important and therapeutic to me, because I feel like I can not only escape reality, but manipulate it and create a world of my own. I like to make my pieces vibrant, positive, and colorful as possible. I'm 18 now and just recently moved to Vegas, so I'm starting fresh with my career. Each piece has a meaning personal to me, and I also like to incorporate my spiritual beliefs into each piece for healing symbolism. But my goal is to someday master several mediums, share my imagination and give others the same positive feeling art has always given me.



For the artist meeting, I'm available any day/time.

Christian Lopez


 “My love for design and art would be a mixture of tattoo art and street art. ... I like old, traditional tattoos, Sailor Jerry, Ed Hardy, stuff like that,” says Lopez, who spent a week weaving such aesthetics into a seashell spiral referencing Fibonacci’s number sequence. He figured it was too simple to win. But a week before graduation, it did. “I checked my email late at night, and then I couldn’t sleep ’cause I was so happy.”


Cle Calhoun


 Hello my name is Cle Calhoun Jr and I am a digital artist. I have been drawing since the age of 10. It started from my love of Saturday morning cartoons and the simpsons, I said to myself I want to draw that so I picked up a pencil and paper and begin drawing. From there I created my own original characters which I call Calhoun City. Most are based off friends family and neighbors I grew up with as a child. I love to create, the challenge of getting the shading down and detail. My artwork is posted on Facebook under the page Calhoun City Art also on instagram under Calhoun_city. Thank you and I look forward to contributing to the upcoming mural.

Anotonio Snow


We are so happy that Artist Antonio Snow joins the Artwalk. You can see his work at

Nestor Tellez


Thank you to Nestor Tellez for joining the Commercial Center Artwalk. You can see more of his work and contact him at this link

Pandora Hart


Thank you to Artist Pandora Hart for bringing to life our first 3-D art . Pandora is also a available for business and home interior design, fine woodworking and fine woodworking restoration. Antique restoration, maker of Psalterys and Harps, Custom Design.  

Visit her site to inquire about her services

or on facebook

Meet The Artists

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